Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mind Games A Revelation

You can't play with my mind
Play with you own
figure out what up with you.
Why do you do what you do?

You didn't make me
can't break me
your game is weak
you can't fake me.

I am covered and protected
been played by professional
players even those international.
At times even been tried
by the devil.
Do you think you're on my level?

Hey you slick the one who
thinks from his hip
baby I'm no trick.
I won't get faded
see my heart was already

From those in the past
Ha, I thought you would

Tried to play me
tried to slay me
couldn't catch me
had to watch me.

As I maneuvered in and
out, never cried
but I did pout.
As I listened to the game you
would spout.

Words too slick for me
gaming is game but
your game is weak you

Baby I think it's time
you should learn
I am not that one you
could burn.

You can't catch me
won't pull me
no this will never be
Thought you would have me
climbing a tree.
I am to0 fly and I must be

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