Friday, October 23, 2009

Some of the Life

Always down for this and that and the other
hustlers hustling hustle us all
We hustle ourselves playing them
playing ourselves, hurting in the process
of the hustle.

Losing sense of self sacrificing
ethics character morals in the name of
game dollar dollar bill y'all.

Played myself lost myself as I immersed myself
in a world like myself.
Selling, stealing, slinging, robbing, hoeing, tricking, striping,
thugging, writing, boosting, shot players, drag makers,
razor blade eating con men out of Brimingham.
Original OGs trying to get rich quick.
None wanting to die trying.
Dying on overdoes, wilting away in a cell
snitching when they can't make bail.

Deceit and lies a way of life, pain and suffering
a life of strife. Gaming, game on, turn it off turn it on.
Gifts given freely the gift of gab, the gift of con,
the gifts given in a sting. The gift of being schooled
to the game.

Pimps selling smoke filled dreams,
telling lies while looking
you in the eye.
The gift of guerrillaism take it by
force, keep it by force, use it by force.
Hoes blinded by the glitter and the gold never told
what would happen when they are old.

Surviving the life
blinded by strife
Cold blooded game
Every day ain't the same
Someone dying
another trying
another hustle of
A day in the life.

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