Monday, October 24, 2005

Life In A Ocean
by Tina Williams
Rippling waves of water
are like the rippling waves of life
up and down
never steady
always moving and fluid
sometimes calm,
glistening and shimmering with
the rays of the warm sun
or glowing and frigid lit by only the moon
sometimes my ocean is turbulent and wild
and I ride on waves grasping at branches for miles and miles

what is it really all about
with dreams and things
choices and the consequences they bring
my life has been like the water
fluid and always in motion
waves a rippling like the ocean
tossing me to and bringing me fro
shore to shore
up and down
in and out
over and under
saturating every part of me
my nose my mouth each breath I take
when there is no laughter I won't fake
a smile or a word no effort will I make

always moving on no matter how hard the blow
sometimes I sink
but rise again
arms a flailing
legs a kicking
gasping for air

inhaling deeply
awaiting another storm or surge
but when I listen
and still my mind
I go with the flow of a different calm
swim or float the choices are few
when the tide is up
we do what we do
I always swim no matter what
the survivor in me says never give up.

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Anika Nailah said...

I am loving this blog, gurl. Please continue to tell it lke it is!!!