Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cointelpro Now

Do you know what it's like to be under surveilance by the man?
Have your every move watched by people looking like the Klan.
Follwing you around you're not supposed to know they're there
but like mice and roaches they leave bits and pieces everywhere.
Did you know that modern day slavery still exists today
monitoring your words listening to what you say.

Did you know the patriots act wasn't only for the terroist you see
this law was made to include poor people it's for you and me
GPS in your car
no matter where you go there they are.
Nike sport on the ipod, don't be a fool
just another monitoring tool.
I need to add one more thing
Ipods are ripe for hacking.

Do you know what it's like to be black and poor
with po-po coming in and out your front door
hacking your computer, tapping your phone
paid voyeurs who will not to leave you alone.
Cameras in the street lights in every ghetto area
jails filled with black and latin faces is that fair?

They put us in studies, like they do mice in a maze.
are you aware, in a daze or just not fazed?
Did you know that some drug dealers work for the feds?
Those people who got busted got out snitched instead.
they didn't want to do the time, or face deportation
so they get a license to commit crime and give up information

They will set up their mother, their father, their friends or foes
Po-po is the pimp and the snitches are the hoes.
they will set you up If they can't get you leaglly
didn't you know that freedom ain't free.

Did you know there are no coco plants growing in the hood
If you didn't know before now you should.
And what about the guns, blacks killing black
the biggest form of genoicide next to crack.
Everyone is watching whats happening in Iraq
what they should be doing is watching their backs.

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