Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oppression Is Worse Than The Grave

Blessed are those who struggle to survive
Oppression is worse than the grave.
Better to die for a noble cause
than to live and die a slave - Last Poets

Oppression=attempted surpression of thought
diminishing the quality of life
battle fatigue and PTSD end results
of the daily grind and the continous struggle
of life under siege
Defining the quality of life while a foot is
on your neck sometimes is hard.

Death can be an attractive alternative
to a depressive existence
then the oppressors will win
or will they?

Empathy and insight for the millions who have
given up given in when the
burdens became too much to bear
like slaves on the ship
when the weight of life is greater
than the desire to live.
But you don't hear me

Priviledge and access
have declared that the elephant in the room
is invisible and will not be discussed.

Fairy dust powder supplemented with empowerment granules
trickle down to the masses from the executive
offices of war mongers and slavers all, corporate,
and nonprofit priateers, salaries paid by
misery and tears of the poor who are reduced
to monthly statistics.
Pitting poor against, poor, black against
latino, and us all against the others.
Then say they to the funders and investors
"what a good job we have done!"

Tenacity, holy boldness and faith
surprise and leave them in awe
the inner strength of
slaves who were named
happy dancing darkies,
jeffin and fronting for the man
2006 the dances are different but the chains are the same.
slavery has evolved the overseers have not
the master is the same
the uprisings are fought with words and thoughts
rebelling against the unjust system of hypocrisy
Oppression=a failed attempt at suppression of thought.

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you get around too. Good work, let's keep building together.
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