Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Writing about truth justice and the unamerikan way
inspires me excites me and focuses me on the priority.
speaking truth to power.

I respect those in the struggle to survive
who stand for something
who fight for something
the warriors who have stood
so strong like Assata, like my
grandmother, like the sistuh who
struggles with a bill a baby or a relationship.

I respect that woman who slept on
the sidewalk last night because that could
be me, because there are so
many who are all one match, one paycheck
one eviction notice, one condo conversion
away from that homeless woman's reality.

I respect those who expose the truth
about a system that has excluded
marginalized, compromised disenfranchised
experimented on and are now researching
people of color, ex-prisoners,
who are mostly people of color

I resent the fact that some in our
society are repaid for their pain and suffering
and us the seeds of slaves are held in contempt for
bringing up reparations.

I totally dislike the bratz dolls
what is the purpose, and what do those lips

I don't like barbie being massed marketed to
my children and having to drive miles to find a
black doll.

I am totally freaked out about how our men,
our sons have been demonized for wearing
hoodies and the prison industrial complex
grows bigger and bigger.

And so I write.

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