Thursday, March 01, 2007


No I don't like u why should I pretend
that my jailer is also a friend?
Why should like those that oppress
kill and steal and bring all the stress?

u never gave me or mine a chance
u just took exploited without a 2nd glance.

u killed Martin and Malcolm - heroes to me
u probably financed the killing of Tupac and Biggie
Locked up Mumia, Move and Pelliter
not even caring about their family and their tears.

To me u r big brother watching us all
tripping us up when we don't fall.
Asking our neighbors to give u a tip
through a program u call CHIP.

My Mama and Granny told me about u
through their eyes I saw what u do.
U r the nightriders, and the klan,
the ones who came in the night to lynch a man.

I don't like u never did
threw molatov cocktails
when I was a kid.

With fortune 500 u made a pact
Now u're hiding behind the Patriots Act
Preying on fear u helped create
no I can't lie and I can't b fake.
Exploiting the losses of 911
with mis-educatin and mis-information
u carry out atrocities and say in God u trust
coming from u that sounds like a cuss.

The lynching, murders and lies u've told
the lives u've ruined in ur pursuit of gold.
Now ur in killing mode over time
looking for a man u can't find.

Sneaking & peeking in all the worng places
locking up every body with unwhite faces.
One day u'll learn one day u'll see
there is a Gods and he looks like me.

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